February 11, 2017

Are the Liberal Elite now the real Fascists?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:49 pm by Aleksan

​A very good Any Questions and Any Answers today, always good to hear what the listeners of all backgrounds and political colours think and feel.  Someone suggested that the Liberal elite are the new “fascists” – an interesting idea….they certainly have the power 7and money –  and control the media.  Someone else pointed out that in the 1930s the Fascists in Germany scapegoated Jews and minorities to deflect away from a broken system, and that Trump is doing the same in the USA and that Brexit is a similar process in the UK – with the Government not condemning racism in any real way, but blaming Europe, immigrants and refugees.  We must all be aware of the inner fascist in each of us and a tendency under stress to blame others rather than putting our own houses in order.  Even the Angels bow to those that show restraint….

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