January 7, 2017


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:41 am by Aleksan

Sammy is no sportsman! He likes to win and gives me little chance trying to get his special red ball. He came and asked me for a game, because it’s been a bit of a poor morning for him so far. Our walk curtailed by people shooting birds quite near, but we can’t see them because of the mist. These sportsmen with guns like to win too and like to shoot at unarmed and vulnerable birds for fun. I ask Sam to drop his ball, which he does, always just out of my reach! I try to grab it, but it is back in his jaws again, and he gives me the “you’re a loser” look. Every now and again he relents and I get it – he is playing with me. He always ends up with his ball, and I always end up exhausted by laughing!  But I doubt whether those other sportsmen or the pheasants end up laughing….

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