January 6, 2017

Brexit – An interesting article by Professor Ashoka Mody

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:07 am by Aleksan


An interesting article by Prof Ashoka Mody and published in the independent – perhaps therefore to be considered carefully. I voted for Remain, perhaps because I believed the hype and misinformation put out by the Remainers rather than the hype and misinformation put out by the Leavers…however the later has proved on balance to have turned out to be more accurate, so far at least. Having seen the mess we have got tangled up with by being in the EU and the difficulty we are facing in getting out of it, together with an unhelpful, even hostile, attitude by the Europeans generally, I would unhesitatingly vote Leave if we had another Referendum, may the Gods forbid. We are going to Leave, it is turning out better than I thought it would, and I have a more realistic view of the jumble and mess that is Europe than I did before. Let’s get on with it and forge more and more links with countries outside the EU while staying friends with the EU ….if they will let us!

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