January 4, 2017

“Interesting Times” – Current Politics in the Western world – a Philosophical perspective

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:08 pm by Aleksan

We do live in interesting times, and increasingly the working class are voting for populist right wing parties who promise an end to elitism and government by the rich and powerful. This is the case all over the western world, and it is due to lack of leadership from the so called Left and lack of trust in them. Much of the responsibility for this lies with the Left being out of touch, patronising and intellectual, living in a non working class ivory tower. Really Right and Left have no real meaning anymore, because the authoritarian aspects of both are rejected by populist rantors offering easy answers and simple solutions to complex issues, all of this fueled by the media and people with smart phones. Politics and Society are changing fast, and the old rules are no longer helpful. “The past is a country to which we cn no longe return”, and the future seems a scary place….I mantain my liberal views about the NHS, Transport and Social Care which must be provided as Services, free to all – and I think the multi national corporate capitalist model will have to be replaced by something better, but it is not yet clear what that actually is…..or how we can change it. I dont belong to the Labour Party which seems to me elitist, out of touch and run by rich, over educated and patronising people who “hnow best” – like Blair… The Tories are similar. But Corbyn is a man of integrity whom I respect, but who, like the old testament prophet is before his time – his approach and his views are rational, moral and consistent – pity about his Party who want rid of him!
So I am a Green, because ths so far, represents some of my main concerns, about the environment, energy production, climate change and the future of the planet. I am not angry, just curiously interested in the way no one ever learns from history, or from other people in meaningful and transformative ways .We humans are only monkeys wearing shoes, ruled by the reptillan and emotional part of our brain rather than the rational, and I am not optinistic that our species will or should survive much longer, and wonder if the planet would recover better without us…. but remembering Camus, and the Philosophy of the Absurd, I think it is worth buggering on in the hope that those of us with some awareness of the rational and trans-rational can increase the general level of kindness, wisdom and compassion just a wee bit perhaps…but the Cosmos does not and can not make mistakes, and so hopefully the evolutionary process, biological and philosophical, driven by the Life Force, will find a better Way to what will become, the future….

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