January 31, 2017

Softly Softly Catchee Trumpy

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There is another letter going around now, “Dear Mr Trump…..”. It starts off abusing and attacking him in an aggressive and intolerant way. If I got a letter like this from anyone it would go straight in the bin and I would consider contacting the police about malicious harrassement! Whatever Trump is doing that you consider wrong, do you really think that this will helpt to engage him? No, it will not – it will just confirm his views more deeply and lead to more division and polarisation, more violence and intolerance. I am personally horrified about many of his knee jerk and dicriminatory policies and I have posted against them regularly. But to write a silly letter like the “Dear Mr Trump” one (is he really Dear to you?) that is going the rounds is childish and intellectually immature and will prove counter productive, and give more power to his elbow. Instead we should be more cunning and adopt the wise old Chinese saying “Softly, softly catchee monkey”

January 30, 2017

Keep communication channels open – well done Mrs May

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“May does not condemn Trump on refugee policy, May does not condemn Erdogan on human rights” She is a wise person and knows that if you keep having a pop at people it closes off communication – but if you quietly keep the channels open you may have a chance of influencing situations. I thought she did a good job with Trump, trying to listen and develop a level of trust. Churchill was right when he said that “Jaw, jaw is better than war war” We have got to get beyond tit for tat, and slagging off peeps we dont understand. A difficult job, and Leaders vary in their capacity to do this – Good on you, Mrs May!

Childish Petition that I will NOT be signing

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Trump may lack maturity but he is President of the USA and Britain will need to work with him and maybe have some influence too. To sign a petition against him coming here at the Queen’s invitation is not only churlish and ignorant but is also divisive and unhelpful. I will NOT be signing that particular very childish petition being pedalled by well meaning but sore losers in the political game currently being played out on Social Media.

January 28, 2017

Calling Trump mentally ill is not helpful or fair

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​It has been suggested that Trump has “Malignant Narcissistic Personality”  This is not a Psychiatric Diagnosis and he has never been Psychiatrically assessed.  No such diagnosis!  This looks like a hate posting sadly.  It can be said that if you don’t have a Personality Disorder you don’t have a Personality!  Many leaders might well have have a degree of PD and interestigly the peeps who vote them in admire that ….Trump is a product of a sick US system and the people as a whole there must take responsibility for this.  Historically speaking this has not been uncommon in the world and nations often end up with the leaders they crave at the time….

January 26, 2017

Fake News and Alternative Facts – Who Can We Trust?

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It is becoming quite clear that true honest facts about anything anywhere are becoming hard if not impossible to find. Nothing can be trusted from Social Media, The Press, Tv – and not from Google algorythms either – it is true – we are in the post factual age, the age of fake news and alternative facts. Whether it is Brexiteers or Remainers, Liberals, Labour otr Conservative – pro or anti Trump, the Guardian or the Daily Mail – we are increasingly living in Algorythmic bubbles, believing only the ideas of PLU – People Like Us – and less and less meeting PDFU – People Different From Us. Where will this lead? It can only lead to Rule by Robots fuelled by the powerful and elite multi national corporations, is it already too late….HELP!

January 22, 2017

Polarisation: Emotions are running high, and it is all to easy to block out voices we dont want to hear or scapegoat people different from ourselves

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The election of Trump has not meant that things are now going to cool down btween the various factions. The opposite is happening and I am seeing some really hateful comments from both sides. Polarisation has occured and people are taking more extreme positions than before, and certainly seem unable or unwilling to listen to one another. This is what the Government Elite want – to be able to divide and rule! Revolution is a fine concept but it can me be an excuse for the Empire to fight back and the Empire has the Guns, the Press, the Media and loads of Dosh. If there is to be Revolution take care that it is not being manipulated by one or other of the political factions – it is no use replacing one group of Billionaires claiming to represent the poor and downtrodden with another group – because they are esentially the same people. We must above all keep freedom of expression going, and continue to ask the awkward questions, and speak truth to power, while we can.. The opressive regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union both took place in my life time and in Europe. Emotions are running high, and it is all to easy to block out voices we dont want to hear or scapegoat people different from ourselves. Churchill, like all of us a flawed human being, was speaking wisely when he said Jaw, Jaw is better than War, War. To benefit from Jaw and avoid War we first have to listen to the pain and feeling of unfairness spoken by others not like us, and to acknowelege their right to be understood and valued as much as our own.

January 21, 2017

The Orange Emeperor ascends his throne….God Bless us All

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The Orange Emperor in the West has ascended his thrown. He has cast thunderbolts, he has pleased the masses with pugnacious, nationalistic and xenophobic pronouncements. God Bless America, but I don’t like that nasty old judgemental and punitive God. May the Gods of Wisdom and Compassion Save America, and May the Gods and Goddesses of Love and Peace Save us all – in this more uncertain and dangerous World.

January 17, 2017

Mrs May delivers a clear and positive Brexit Speech

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​I have never been a Tory but I did welcome Mrs May’s Brexit speech.  Taking back our Sovereignty, Laws and Borders is what people voted for at the Referendum.  As a remainer then,  I have since come to see the wisdom of making a clean break with the failing and bureaucratic EU and not remaining a part of the single market.  Perhaps we can now become a Free Trading nation making deals all over the world in a constructive way.  Onward and upward, let’s all unite to make it so!

January 13, 2017

Mrs May and the Tory Party- has Mrs May got a cunning plan? or not?

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Mrs May has no plan for the NHS – which is sinking fast starved of funds. Mrs May has no plans for Social Care now being overwhemed by aged Baby Boomers born after the War. Mrs May has no plan for improving Transport nationwide, or for filling increasing pot holes in our roads, again due to lack of adequate funding. Mrs May has no plans than anyone knows about for Brexit. What’s the point of Mrs May and the Tory Party? Meanwhile the Stock Market, based on international invrestment, thrives so the rich get richer – and one in four people working in the UK are part time. Many working people are struggling to meet their budgets and young people very often cant find anywhere to live. We wont have any functional Aircraft Carriers for about 10 years. Has Mrs May got a cunning plan? If so lets hear it.

January 9, 2017

Child Mental Health Services – Can Theresa May walk the walk?

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Of course I welcome this statement by the PM, and it is easy to talk the talk. But the truth is Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services have been massively underfunded for years under all governments. Now let us see if she has the commitment to really make changes in the interests of children, teenagers and families in this country. 75% of all mental illness in adults begin in childhood and the teens…..As a retired Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry now involved as a Trustee in a child health,education and social care Charity I will be keeping a watching brief.

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