November 27, 2016

Fidel – Soildarity and friendship with Cuba who mourn his loss.

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:25 am by Aleksan

Solidarity and friendship with the Cuban people who mourn Fidel Castro, El Commandante, who took back his country from a corrupt American backed regime. Against all odds he created a country where money was equally distributed and Health and Education were top rate. Civil liberties were curtailed mainly because The US kept him and his country under military and economic pressures. American presidents tried to have have him assassinated EIGHT times – all failed. Like a all strong leaders he had to be ruthless with his enemies, and he found understanding and support from the Soviet Union (who can blame him for that when the Imperial American War Machine wanted to destroy him and take back his country, previously devastated by that regime?). Fidel was a Hero and Saviour but regarded as a monster by some in his own country and the US Governments because he dealt with his enemies severely. And would not bow down to the US. He was a human being that had principles and stuck up for his country, but like us all, he had failings, particularly in restricting Civil Liberties. He was the proverbial man in the right place at the right time for Cuba, and this great country is better positioned to have an independent future because of him. But they had better learn to be careful not to trust their giant neighbour to the North – who will fleece Cuba once again if it is given too much influence. Instead Cuba would do best to continue its creative and friendly relationships with Russia, Canada, the U.K. And of course the Spanish speaking world.

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