November 25, 2016

The importance of a regular bowel action – boarding school life in the 1950s

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:22 pm by Aleksan

“One please Sir” I said when it was my turn to visit the Headmasters Study about half an hour after breakfast before lessons began. Wacker was bent over his Report Book and wrote the number down against my name for that day. The canes, different sizes, were in the corner of the study for all of us to see – as a deterrent, seldom put to use. He looked grim and we knew regularity was what he wanted. For this reason, whatever the reality with regard to my alimentary functioning, I always said “One please Sir” so I could make a quick getaway. I heard other boys say two or even three please Sir, but I never heard anyone admit to no bowel action in my five years at the boarding school. I shudder to think of the awful consequences! This was the 1950s and a healthy body meant a healthy mind, and what determined health was….regular bowel action after porridge. What did those other boys mean by two please Sir or three please Sir? I did not even want to think about it….

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