November 16, 2016

Rescued by my horse, Sonadora!

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:07 pm by Aleksan

Back, somewhat shaken up, from a ride through Stockbridge, down the Test Way and through Longstock. But is was more than usually eventful! We tried to get under a low branch on an islolated part of the track – it did not work! I was pushed off Sonadora by the branch, it broke with a crack, and my mare bolted off back down the Test Way towards Stockbridge….and the main road….I was OK but I was concerned for Sonadora, and got my phone out to see if I could get a signal. There was no sign of her and the track was deserted. On my own without my stick, far from friendly humans. Then I heard a whinny, and saw Sonadora coming back to me from about 100 yards away, going quite fast and looking good. She stopped for me, and I walked her under the branch, but could not walk much further unaided. We stopped by a bank and I struggled to mount, eventually succeeding after several minutes to pull myself onto the saddle. She remained still the whole time, and we then had a nice ride home. What a magical mare! My mistake, but she came back and rescued me, as if guided by an Angel….

Thank you for your lovely comments on Facebook. I was expecting something more on the lines of “There’s no fool like an old fool!” I have had a rest and can now see Sonadora muching in the meadow with the other three from my window. I did make a lazy and bad decision, and Sonadora did step on my foot when the cracking branch spooked her, and I was already rolling in the leaves benearh her. But Sonadora did come and look after me, and my foot is not injured.. My heart goes out to her – it could have all ended so differently. I do have a wonderful mare and we both have many good and supportive friends – thank you all xxx

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