November 28, 2016

On the wings of a dilemma….

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A cold day, and there is a butterfly at the bottom of the window. A Peacock Butterfly, the sort that likes to winter indoors. I decide he can stay there for the winter if he wants, but he starts to flutter. Dilemma: should I open the window and let him fly into the cold north wind or not? If I do he may not make it. I open the window, but he stays put with closed wings – so I close the window….Soon he is fluttering again, more so than before. I open the window, and this time he flies out rapidly blown away by the wind. I hope he finds a crevice in a tree or a shed to survive the cold, and I wish him well.

My clever Westie!

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After his breakfast Sammy jumps on the sofa to watch me eating my porridge. He’s not disinterested in this because I put the last spoonful in his own bowl. When I come near the end Sam leans forward, ears erect and eyes like saucers, and if I pretend I have forgotten him, he makes a soft growl before I gobble up the last drop!

November 27, 2016

Fidel – Soildarity and friendship with Cuba who mourn his loss.

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Solidarity and friendship with the Cuban people who mourn Fidel Castro, El Commandante, who took back his country from a corrupt American backed regime. Against all odds he created a country where money was equally distributed and Health and Education were top rate. Civil liberties were curtailed mainly because The US kept him and his country under military and economic pressures. American presidents tried to have have him assassinated EIGHT times – all failed. Like a all strong leaders he had to be ruthless with his enemies, and he found understanding and support from the Soviet Union (who can blame him for that when the Imperial American War Machine wanted to destroy him and take back his country, previously devastated by that regime?). Fidel was a Hero and Saviour but regarded as a monster by some in his own country and the US Governments because he dealt with his enemies severely. And would not bow down to the US. He was a human being that had principles and stuck up for his country, but like us all, he had failings, particularly in restricting Civil Liberties. He was the proverbial man in the right place at the right time for Cuba, and this great country is better positioned to have an independent future because of him. But they had better learn to be careful not to trust their giant neighbour to the North – who will fleece Cuba once again if it is given too much influence. Instead Cuba would do best to continue its creative and friendly relationships with Russia, Canada, the U.K. And of course the Spanish speaking world.

November 26, 2016

Farewell Fidel!

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This morning,after a long and colourful life, died El Commandante, Fidel Castro. Whether you agreed with his strong views or not, it is difficult not to admire how he stood up for his country against his giant capitalist neighbour,the USA.
He gave Cuba pride in itself, a great Health Service and Education system. However the Economy was not successful, not helped by the American embargo. Civil Rights were not upheld and the country lived frozen in the 1950s with decaying buildings and vintage cars on the roads. I went to a Psychotherapy Conference in Havana and saw some of this first hand, and actually bought and smoked a giant Cuban Cigar! I remember well the billboards everywhere declaring “Viva la Revolutione, Viva Fidel”. An era has indeed ended. Farewell Fidel!

November 25, 2016

The importance of a regular bowel action – boarding school life in the 1950s

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“One please Sir” I said when it was my turn to visit the Headmasters Study about half an hour after breakfast before lessons began. Wacker was bent over his Report Book and wrote the number down against my name for that day. The canes, different sizes, were in the corner of the study for all of us to see – as a deterrent, seldom put to use. He looked grim and we knew regularity was what he wanted. For this reason, whatever the reality with regard to my alimentary functioning, I always said “One please Sir” so I could make a quick getaway. I heard other boys say two or even three please Sir, but I never heard anyone admit to no bowel action in my five years at the boarding school. I shudder to think of the awful consequences! This was the 1950s and a healthy body meant a healthy mind, and what determined health was….regular bowel action after porridge. What did those other boys mean by two please Sir or three please Sir? I did not even want to think about it….

November 16, 2016

Rescued by my horse, Sonadora!

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Back, somewhat shaken up, from a ride through Stockbridge, down the Test Way and through Longstock. But is was more than usually eventful! We tried to get under a low branch on an islolated part of the track – it did not work! I was pushed off Sonadora by the branch, it broke with a crack, and my mare bolted off back down the Test Way towards Stockbridge….and the main road….I was OK but I was concerned for Sonadora, and got my phone out to see if I could get a signal. There was no sign of her and the track was deserted. On my own without my stick, far from friendly humans. Then I heard a whinny, and saw Sonadora coming back to me from about 100 yards away, going quite fast and looking good. She stopped for me, and I walked her under the branch, but could not walk much further unaided. We stopped by a bank and I struggled to mount, eventually succeeding after several minutes to pull myself onto the saddle. She remained still the whole time, and we then had a nice ride home. What a magical mare! My mistake, but she came back and rescued me, as if guided by an Angel….

Thank you for your lovely comments on Facebook. I was expecting something more on the lines of “There’s no fool like an old fool!” I have had a rest and can now see Sonadora muching in the meadow with the other three from my window. I did make a lazy and bad decision, and Sonadora did step on my foot when the cracking branch spooked her, and I was already rolling in the leaves benearh her. But Sonadora did come and look after me, and my foot is not injured.. My heart goes out to her – it could have all ended so differently. I do have a wonderful mare and we both have many good and supportive friends – thank you all xxx

November 12, 2016

The Arrogance of Entitlement – Bad Losers in the UK (Brexit vote) and in the US (Trump victory)

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Free thinking people abhor Fascism – a bullying certainty and self righteousness combined with intolerance and suppression of opposing views.  Social media shows us that this phenomenon is not confined to the Right, the usual source in the past, but is now manifesting itself on the Left.  Since the Brexit vote, and now since the Trump election it is clear to me that there is an arrogant self righteous sense of entitlement by many on the liberal Left, including many of the UK Remainers, and a lot of US Hillary Clinton supporters.  This refusal to accept admittedly flawed democratic systems goes beyond being bad losers.  People are personally affronted at the results, and instead of a pragmatic view, they are outraged and emotionally unable to cope with reality – a reality desired by the majority of their fellow citizens. Instead they are making increasing personal attacks on the victors and trying to manipulate opposing opinions, so creating more division and intolerance. I find this neurotic, whining – the arrogance of entitlement – childish and unhelpful – indeed taken to extreme it is the beginning of a new type of Fascism – bullying, intimidating and intolerance.  Grow up, put your own house in order, regroup, get your ideas and evidence sorted – and deal with it folks!  Politics is a complicated business and there are no simple solutions, but we only have true democracy when there is freedom of the Press and of speech, and when we can respect people who have ideas other than our own.

November 9, 2016

Trump victory

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The arrogance behind the Democratic sense of entitlement and desire to have a woman President led to a weak candidate…you reap what you sow….The question is how can the UK and the rest of the world benefit from a Trump victory? Adapt to survive, or become extinct…That means not moaning or hiding your head in the sand – but facing up to reality…..Trump will be President of the USA and the Republicans also have Congress and the Senate.

November 5, 2016

The Coffin Dodger’s Dance

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Today is the Coffin Dodgers Dance! We parade through the surgery to get our flu jabs – the elderly, the asthmatic and those with chronic illness. In the sure and certain hope, not of resurrection, but of dodging our coffins perhaps a wee bit longer…

Growing unrest and intolerance in the UK

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Foreign friends no longer feel welcome in the UK. That is very sad. There is a growing right wing movement in this ciuntry and all over the world; anyone “different” including foreigners are being scapegoated. This is an old story in Europe but it is now effecting the UK. People mistrust politicians, experts and big business. I don’t know how far this will go but it is fuelled by social media. I want a kind and tolerant UK back….

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