August 31, 2016

Androcles and the Lion 2016

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‚ÄčDo you remember the ancient story of Androcles and the Lion?  Androcles removed a thorn from the paw of a lion in the forest crippled by pain.  Later they were both separately captured by Roman soldiers.  Androcles was thrown to a lion at the Games but the lion was the one he had saved – so he came and licked Androcles.  The Romans were moved by this friendship, and the explantation.  The Emperor gave the Thumbs up,and both Androcles and the lion were freed.

I was reminded of this this earlier in the meadow when Sammy suddenly stopped and could not walk – he raised his right paw and looked sideways at me in a questioning way.  I found a large thorn, and soon removed it – he rushed off wagging his tail.  I hope he will remember this if we meet again in another world….

August 29, 2016

GP appointments – 10 minutes is not enough!

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How times have changed! When I was young there was no NHS and there were fewer people. There was a GP in Stockbridge with an assistant, and a GP in Broughton. House visits were the norm, but you could also go to their house and wait to see him – (always a him!) There was no hurry and the GP knew you and your family – and he would sometimes have a cup of tea. There was often not much he could do, but our GP ocassionally prescribed a concoction “Aqua ex Tapa” This had colouring added to make it more magical. It was a good time to be a doctor and some lived in enormouis houses and drove big swanky cars. Of course he had to be paid….and many poorer people could not afford this. Some doctors waived the fee in serious cases, but many people refused charity and had no help. Now we have the NHS and everyone gets all they need free – and it is generally a pretty good service too. But 10 minutes GP appointment time per person? Not fair on her or her paitients. We need a solution fast.

August 24, 2016

Owen Smith – did not come across well on the radio….

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‚ÄčListening to Owen Smith on the Radio, who hopes to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party.  Not impressed!  He came across as arrogant and a bully and my heart sank.  Whatever else people say about Corbyn he is a man of integrity and not a bully.  I have never supported Labour in the past, but Corbyn has hepled me think again.   

For me sincerity, integrity and democracy makes for better leadership than Owen Smith’s pushy and unhelpful; even disrespectful approach to his party and this country.