July 6, 2016

Chilcot – Truth to Power

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The Chilcot Report clearly shows Blair misled the people of this country and exaggerated the case for WMDs – which were never found. I remember being horrified at the time Blair and Parliament took us into, what I thought then, and think now, was a wrong and Ill judged decision to go to War. I supported the Stop the War Campaign and was ashamed and depressed by “Shock and Awe” when Baghdad was bombed by our American allies. It is from this time that I stopped having faith in politicians as being more to be trusted than the rest of us. It was at this point that I realised they lacked more than average intelligence, and that they were often ruled more by self interest than a desire to benefit the country. I once met an old man at a Textile Art Show, an ordinary old buffer – it was Sir John Chilcot, whose wife like mine is a Textile Artist. He may have spent seven years preparing his report but he has spoken truth to Power. Well done Sir!

July 2, 2016

Politics in the UK? A nasty Beast

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This morning I had hoped to forget about politics for the day, but this has not been possible. The Tory Government set up an in or out of the EU referendum some time ago but it seems they never had a plan for Brexit despite many of them campaigning for it vociferously. Now it’s chaos, and they are choosing a leader. Who can they choose, who can anyone trust, and has anyone got the leadership qualities? None of them.

Meanwhile many Labour MPs have turned on their Party’s leader, a man of integrity, and stuck the knives in. Chaos there too! Neil Kinnock, a devious and nasty man has joined the conspiracy bullies. I hope Corbyn keeps cool and stays, backed by the Party members.

To cap it all the Lib Dems are campaigning next time to join the EU if we have left it by the next election….! All I can say about the Tory Government and the Labour conspirators is Scum Overload! And the Lib Dem leader is a fool. We really do need some genuinely intelligent, honest and kind people in politics, but it is not the Nature of the Beast.