June 29, 2016

Brexit creates freedom and new opportunities

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:11 am by Aleksan

I voted to Remain in the EU but with many reservations. There was a vote in favour of Brexit and this has caused political change in the UK. Now we are this far along a new road we cannot return. I don’t think that a refusal to accept a democratic result is helpful – we must adapt or become extinct, and fortune favours the brave and strong. My reservations about the EU are becoming evident, and I think they could hold us back if we dither too much at this point. Once we are untangled from EU rigidity, bureaucracy, and stagnation the world is our oyster! Let us now look outwards and engage with the rest of the world, and especially, India, China, Iran, the Commonwealth, and the rapidly developing markets and peoples in what is now a small world unlimited by geography.


  1. Penny Taylor said,

    I agree with you that we now need to start thinking positively about leaving the EU, though it wasn’t what I had voted for. The news seems to be portraying accepted xenophobia as an unwanted result of the Brexit so let’s please rid ourselves of this before we go any further. It just ain’t nice.

  2. aleksan said,

    I think some of our weaker bretheren actually voted Leave because they thought that it meant that
    ethnic minority groups would “leave”

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