June 11, 2016

In or Out of the EU certainty numpties

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:57 pm by Aleksan

Whether to leave or remain in the EU is not a simple black and white issue it is very complex and many shades of grey. That is why I completley disregard the loud mouths on both sides proclaiming that the othert side is stupid, unaccountable or ignorant! The out people are worst at this by a small margin. I think that anyone who thinks this decision is an easy one is “stupid” and not only that deluded and emotionally and not rationally driven. That means that most people are stupid, especially the simple ones pushing their certainty on Social Media to Stay or Leave. I am right, we are right vote for us! What a terrible choice – I will vote rationally when the time comes, and won’t be bullied by the Remain or Leave numpties…

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