June 29, 2016

Brexit creates freedom and new opportunities

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I voted to Remain in the EU but with many reservations. There was a vote in favour of Brexit and this has caused political change in the UK. Now we are this far along a new road we cannot return. I don’t think that a refusal to accept a democratic result is helpful – we must adapt or become extinct, and fortune favours the brave and strong. My reservations about the EU are becoming evident, and I think they could hold us back if we dither too much at this point. Once we are untangled from EU rigidity, bureaucracy, and stagnation the world is our oyster! Let us now look outwards and engage with the rest of the world, and especially, India, China, Iran, the Commonwealth, and the rapidly developing markets and peoples in what is now a small world unlimited by geography.

June 25, 2016

Brexit pandemonium!

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What a pickle! Neither the Leave or Remain uberpeeps seem to have thought that Leave would actually happen….as a result, except for Farage..in the pub..the Brexiteers are keeping quiet, and going around as if they were at a funeral. Meanwhile Europe wants the UK to get out and go…asp – understandable but not terribly reassuring – only Carney, a Canadian and Governor of the Bank of England seems to have had a contingency plan. As for Scotland, it is caught in a net….either to Leave the despised UK or join a failing EU and the Euro? It would be funny if it did not matter so much….so down the pub, but not the same one Farage is celebrating in….

June 24, 2016

Brexit – we must now look forward and make the best of things

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Brexit – I am not sad, I am not glad but I am curiously interested in what will now happen. Perhaps even a little excited about new opportunities. Change is Nature’ Delight – we must now look forward and make the best of things.

June 20, 2016

MasterChef? A way to go….

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For two mornings I had poached eggs for breakfast at my Rugby Hotel – on toast with half a grilled tomato. Delicious! This morning I had two messed up poached eggs – on toast with some tomato ketchup. Still not ready for the Masterclass – but will keep trying…..

His Wonders to Perform….

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It’s bit hot in my hotel but the sash window is broken and won’t stay open…..what to jam it open with? Toilet roll? Would be squashed. Mug? Would shatter. But God works in mysterious ways and I am saved by the Bible that you always find in hotel drawers – it works fine and I now have a cool breeze.

Rugby June 18th

June 11, 2016

In or Out of the EU certainty numpties

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Whether to leave or remain in the EU is not a simple black and white issue it is very complex and many shades of grey. That is why I completley disregard the loud mouths on both sides proclaiming that the othert side is stupid, unaccountable or ignorant! The out people are worst at this by a small margin. I think that anyone who thinks this decision is an easy one is “stupid” and not only that deluded and emotionally and not rationally driven. That means that most people are stupid, especially the simple ones pushing their certainty on Social Media to Stay or Leave. I am right, we are right vote for us! What a terrible choice – I will vote rationally when the time comes, and won’t be bullied by the Remain or Leave numpties…

Change is Nature’s Delight

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A wander down to the beach after breakfast to pay homage to Lord Poseidon, God of the Sea and Horses. The smell of seaweed, the clear turquoise tinted water, whispering of the gentle waves, a haze in the sky, a shy Sun. Beached, a driftwood tree with roots eaten clean by the elements, the top buried in the shingle. Change is Nature’s delight quoth the Emperor Marcus….and mine too.

Church Cliff, Lyme Regis – June 7th

June 5, 2016

In, Out – Shake it all about!

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Perhaps I am getting too old for this world – the media seems less relevant, less truthful and less entertaining and I find myself switching off quicker than I used to. On the radio boring or hysterical voices, on TV crazy pics of a crazy world getting crazier by the day. In, out shake it all about – everyone knows best but they don’t really know anything. Time for quiet music, a talk with the dog, and a walk in the ever changing and also crazy nature, that goes in, out and shakes all about. Good morning fellow souls and sufferers!


June 3, 2016

The Scot – Victim or Persecutor?

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There was mention on the radio today of the tendency of the Scots to see themselves as “victims” while others see the Scot as “persecutors”. There might be some truth in this, looking in particular at the violent struggles over the centuries, not just between Clans – but within them; the Scot is never happier than when he is the Boss – and the only upstart a Scotsman can stand is Himself.