May 20, 2016

A time to re-charge my batteries – and listen to the Masters

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:31 am by Aleksan

Mostly I am a positive person with enough energy to carry me along, taking an interest in life and others.  But every now and again I lose energy and want to go into recovery mode.  I am at these times over sensitive to negativity, bright lights and loud noises.  Time to crawl into my cave and spend time alone, or with soft music or with my book – or go for a walk with my dog in natural surroundings, trees, river and open spaces..  I find solace not in religion or football – but in poetry and the Greek and late Roman Philosophers – who have been there and, like good friends, point me to ways of dealing with stuff and give me much needed perspectives.  In particular I listen to Seneca, the Stoic- and I realise that we are not alone, and all on the same strange journey of exploration and experience – and I have come to value the Dalai Lama’s “religion” – kindness.

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