May 10, 2016

Europe – To leave or not to leave – that is the question……?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:35 am by Aleksan

The EU Referendum debate is getting nasty. Fear is the major tactic used by both sides, and it is difficult to sort out the facts from the propaganda. The major protagonists on both sides seem less than sane from time to time. I think the main point is still that we shouild remain in the EU if it can be drastically reformed and we can keep our independant judicial system and control of our borders. I have to say, from the evidence so far, this is looking increasingly unlikely. Talking to many of my friends there is a definite lean towards Brexit since the Referendum battle began in earnest. This tendency towards thinking Brexit is increased by all the calls from non British groups and governments for the UK to stay in, notable exceptions being Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin who want us to leave! There are several weeks to go and I hope it will be become easier to decide – but I expect it will get more difficult…..

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