April 3, 2016

Indifferent Cosmos – Asks me the one question – Why do you live?

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Indifferent Cosmos
Asks me the one question
Why do you live?

Where does God or the Supreme Master or the big Light come in? Maybe this is a psychological need that humans have – for a Parent figure who will love them whatever and who has power to intervene and counteract nature where it is seen to be cruel and hostile – and unfair. Some people need this more than others particularly if they feel powerless and vulnerable. Religions can exploit this need, but religions can bring people together to care for each other. My own view is that yes, we need the light of awareness and compassion to paint our picture on the Cosmic blank canvass, and that the Cosmos is a complex and mysterious creation. Can we humans with limited brains begin to comprehend its purpose, if there is one? Can a dog riding in a car understand how it works! A dog does not have a need to understand but we humans are aware of more, including our mortality. In the end I believe that there is more to the Cosmos than my little transient life and that somehow each of our lives is an opportunity for experiment and improvement in some way. That is the Question that the Cosmos and Life asks us – what part will you play in the wonder, madness, and cruelty of the process of continuing creation?

Cosmos makes no mistakes. It is not hostile but just indifferent to me, my life, my death, my happiness, my suffering. Universe does not care about me or anyone. It is the blank canvass on which I must paint my picture, and you paint yours. It is the question I have to answer with my life. And the only place and time I can do that is here and now

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