March 19, 2016

Robbing the disabled to make the rich even more wealthy?

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:18 am by Aleksan

When I mischievously posted a list of MPs who had voted for Disability cuts to the Andover MS page, I did of course know that our new Patron, Kit Malthouse MP for Andover and North West Hampshire was one of them. What I did not know was that the members would sack him on the spot, and that subsequent press coverage would lead to the Conservative Mayoral Candidate for London losing his job as Patron of a Disability organisation. Nor did I know that today the Government would be in disarray over the resignation of Ian Duncan Smith from the Cabinet on the same issue – disability cuts, but tax cuts for the rich. Well the People will triumph in the end however long it takes, and common sense is now prevailing. But it does make me wonder whether the average collective IQ of the Cabinet is lower than the population at large?

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