March 5, 2016

William the Conqueror – Y DNA Research in France – Link to the Burnfield and Somerled paternal Norse Viking line?

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This is interesting to the Burnfields – this Y DNA research could well show that William the Conqueror was descended from our ancestor in the Somerled line. Somerled, King of the Isles (1100s) was descended from our Norse Viking paternal line, and so, it is believed, was Duke William! See translation by Ørjan Myklebust from the French below:

The father’s line of Rollo, William the Conqueror and the Norwegian\Irish\Scottish link to it

By Ørjan Myklebust

In the French media:
The remains of two dukes of Normandie, Richard the First and Richard the Second are to be excavated and they will attempt to recover the DNA of the two buried dukes.
These results may be available in about 6 months time or so.
The two dukes are descended from the legendary viking leader Rollo who became king or ‘duc’ of Normandie.

In the Norse sources, known as Gange-Rolv.
Or by his full name, Rolv Ragnvaldson, son of Ragnvald Earl of Møre.
Møre is about two thirds of todays Norwegian Fylke or District Møre og Romsdal which means Møre and the Roms valley.
Ragnvald also ruled Orkney and Shetland.

His son Rolv was exiled from Norway after he raided and pillaged parts of the Oslo area. So the king exiled him.
According to the sources he then traveled to Valland which is in todays France.
According to Snorre Sturlason, Rolv is the same man as Rollo.

Another very interesting thing about this line of Earls from Møre in Norway is that they also seem to be the founders of the ‘Uí Ímair’ dynasty of Ireland, the Kings of Dublin.
The interesting thing here is that the Scottish Somerled line is in theory also descended from the Uí Ímair line ….
And they are of course R1a1a L448 CTS4179.

So that would in theory make the Rollo line also L448.
They should be close to eachother the DNA of these two lines.
The time of MRCA for the Rollo line and the Somerled one would maybe be in the 7-800s AD. But it could be earlier too, further back.

If it happens that their Y DNA turns out to be that variety (L448) then it would confirm a lot of things from the written Norse sources.
That the Kings of Dublin came from Møre in Norway originally.
And that they also ruled the North half of Scotland and the Isles.

And if the DNA mathces the Somerled line then it also means Somerled was of the same father’s line as William the Conqueror.
So this result is going to be very interesting indeed…

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