November 19, 2015

Solent for Syria – Press Release

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  • Solent for Syria was formed just 8 weeks ago by Fair Ways Foundation Charity and Rays of Hope Ltd Charity to gather donations and deliver them directly to families in refugee camps in Syria.


  • The response has been astonishing. In 8 weeks donations have reached 1000 Tubs of Baby Milk formula, 5,000 tins of Food, 12,000 Nappies, one tonne of Rice and 20 Pallets of Winter Clothing in total worth approximately £40,000.


  • Also 1000 children from the Solent area have filled shoe boxes with gifts for Syrian Children.


  • We have filled the largest available Shipping Container which departs Fair Ways House tomorrow 18.11.15 at 7PM.


  • Donations have come from mosques, churches, synagogues, a Sikh temple and from people of no religious faith. From Islamic schools, Christian groups and state schools. From the Southampton and Portsmouth communities, the New Forest, London and even USA.

Mac McHugh, MD Fair Ways comments:

The container leaving Fair Ways today is not filled with hatred, suspicion, fear or anxiety. It is not sent from one religious group nor one community. This container represents ALL of us and our shared humanity. We did not just stand by and do nothing.

Additional Information:

The Shipping Container will be loaded by volunteers from 4PM to 7 PM on Wednesday 18.11.2015 at: Fairways House, Mount Pleasant Road, Southampton SO14 0BQ.

For further details on Solent for Syria visit

Fair Ways is the trading name of Fairways Care (UK) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fair Ways Foundation Charity.

For further details on this press release contact:

Paul Moran, Marketing Director, Fair Ways.

T: 02380 230400. M: 07469 391712 E:

November 13, 2015

Entertaining the Ancestors

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I hear the ancestors laugh when I complain about my old bones

Especially Uncle Bunt, who I once told “you are not bad for your age”

Young friends and family may one day complain about their old bones

If the gods decide to spare them to ripen in old age

The ancient ones are there for me, and I am here for them

And I will be there for those that follow me whether or not

They complain about their old bones – but I will laugh at them!

Sandy Burnfield November 13th 2015