May 5, 2015

Vote or not to Vote

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:13 pm by Aleksan

I am not surprised so many people are not voting in this election. My Dad, a Scot, used to say never trust a man with clean shoes and brown eyes! A bit extreme in these days of political correctness perhaps, and when I married my brown eyed wife he was most interested in the breadth of her shoulders….however I do take his point. I am sick of watching slick suited lying politicians selling their wares on TV and decrying opposition products. They really do not get it….This country will not really be democratic until we have proportional representation and government by consensus. The first past the post system is primitive, antagonistic, and suitable only for the jungle. I am hoping for a very hung parliament – then maybe the politicians will have to listen to each other – and hopefully a few more of them could be women and people from minority sections of the community.

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