May 27, 2015

Old time is still a-flying

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Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…..


I’ve just returned from a cross country car journey. The countryside is looking gorgeous. Every verge and field-boundary is frothed with cow parsley. Every roundabout decorated by ox-eye-daisies and buttercups. Bright flashes of mustard-yellow charlock and campion in neon-pink light up the scene against the freshest of greens.

I felt a sense of delight in all this beauty, but the delight is strangely tainted by melancholy.  I am not the only person who finds ‘cow-parsley-time’ oddly depressing. Why?  It seems all the more perverse since I have been longing for May all through the Winter.

Perhaps it is the evanescence of the scene.  The knowledge that it is so fleeting: look away momentarily and it is gone until next year.  The light, careless joy of youth soon moves into the comfortable roundness of middle age, to be followed by the autumn leaves, drifting…

Robert Herrick summed it up: “Gather ye…

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May 19, 2015

Visitors from “The Smoke”

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Just had a Coach load of 30 grockles from London visiting the garden! Penny and me served ’em coffees and teas plus biscuits – refreshments interested them as much as the garden, and they had “comfort breaks” – down came the rain and they scuttled off to get shelter like slateys (woodlice) – they were amazed at there being no traffic and I was asked where the nearest civilisation was…. They are now away to see Salisbury Cathedral. More dosh for NGS Charities, but hard work for the two old country bumpkins what lives here….(I did play the yokel a bit, ohhh arrr). And tomorrow there is a Coach from Ireland visiting….

May 18, 2015

Incongruous beauty, Cruel nature

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Incongruous with harsh news of terror and quakes the quiet beauty of yellow flag iris on the river bank – old bronze age execution site on the downs beyond – murdering cuckoo song in the reeds – cruel Gods of Nature, cruel human victims, persecutors and rescuers….wake up!

May 5, 2015

Vote or not to Vote

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I am not surprised so many people are not voting in this election. My Dad, a Scot, used to say never trust a man with clean shoes and brown eyes! A bit extreme in these days of political correctness perhaps, and when I married my brown eyed wife he was most interested in the breadth of her shoulders….however I do take his point. I am sick of watching slick suited lying politicians selling their wares on TV and decrying opposition products. They really do not get it….This country will not really be democratic until we have proportional representation and government by consensus. The first past the post system is primitive, antagonistic, and suitable only for the jungle. I am hoping for a very hung parliament – then maybe the politicians will have to listen to each other – and hopefully a few more of them could be women and people from minority sections of the community.