January 30, 2015

Have Doctors sold their Souls to the NHS Devil?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:43 am by Aleksan

For many years I worked as a doctor in the Health Service – we had time for our patients who came first, above political ideology and financial interests. We and the Nurses largely ran the service helped by Administrators. It all changed in the 1980s – a new breed of Managers and Executives came on the scene. They wanted doctors lkie me to see more patients in less time, and told us our job was to make money for the new “Health Care Trusts.” They told us our loyalty was to them and not to ouir patients. Health Care Trusts meant three things – Health not a priority, Care less on offer and absolutely no Trust! I was not prepared to work that way. My patients continued to come first, I had no more managers – I became an Independant Consultant and kept my Soul.

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