January 31, 2015

The Greens and Syriza….

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Greek election: Green MEPs’ joint response

26 January 2015

GREEN Party MEPs Keith Taylor and Molly Scott Cato have issued a joint statement this morning after Syriza won yesterday’s General Election in Greece.

The Greek Ecologist Green Party, part of the European Green Party, took part in a joint election campaign with Syriza, which now sees them join a left coalition government in Greece.

In a joint statement issued this morning by Keith Taylor Green MEP for South East England and Molly Scott Cato Green MEP for South West England, they said:

“The result of the Greek elections has shown that the people of Greece have taken a strong stand against the politics of austerity. Greens share the view of the new government that austerity is a failed model which has piled misery on the poorest while making the wealthiest even richer. This result shows that challenging business as usual politics can win the support of the people. In the UK we are witnessing a Green Surge, in no small part due to our anti-austerity agenda, and we hope the Greek election result marks the beginnings of ordinary people standing up to a discredited economic model and failing Governments across Europe.”

Fair Ways Foundation – we are looking for new Trustees

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Charity Trustee

LocationSouthampton, Hampshire
SalaryUnpaid Volunteers
Posted26 Jan 2015
Closes26 Feb 2015
Job FunctionTrustees
Position TypeVoluntary / Trustee

The Fair Ways Foundation was incorporated as a new company in Apr 14 and registered with the UK Charity Commission (Registered Number 1,159,854) in January 2015. It is currently in the later stages of purchasing a successful childcare business (Fairways Care (UK) Ltd) in order to deliver its charitable objectives.

As such the Foundation is looking to recruit unpaid volunteers to act as Trustees on the Board. Individuals with specific demonstrable experience in Accounting, Charity Law, Social and Healthcare or other transferable skills would benefit the running of the organisation.

The formal time commitment required will be approximately 8 half days per year.


January 30, 2015

Have Doctors sold their Souls to the NHS Devil?

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For many years I worked as a doctor in the Health Service – we had time for our patients who came first, above political ideology and financial interests. We and the Nurses largely ran the service helped by Administrators. It all changed in the 1980s – a new breed of Managers and Executives came on the scene. They wanted doctors lkie me to see more patients in less time, and told us our job was to make money for the new “Health Care Trusts.” They told us our loyalty was to them and not to ouir patients. Health Care Trusts meant three things – Health not a priority, Care less on offer and absolutely no Trust! I was not prepared to work that way. My patients continued to come first, I had no more managers – I became an Independant Consultant and kept my Soul.

Halal and Kosher Slaughtering

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t the risk of being labelled “politically incorrect” (again) I must say I deplore this primitive and abhorent practice. Yes, I think it should be banned. It is cruel and uneccessary – and surely has nothing to do with religious values.

Halal and kosher abattoirs cut the throats of 2.4 million sheep and goats without stunning in the latest recorded year, an increase of 60 per cent

January 26, 2015

Pride and Predudice

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Surprsised by a gift of seeds, and Penny is delighted by the results


Sometimes you are taken by surprise. Last spring I was sent a gift by the daughter of an old friend. Long ago she had been inspired by our garden and now she is working as a gardener in Devon. And, delightfully, she had collected some seeds and sent them to me.

They were a mixture of some commercial seed packets and some seeds she had gathered herself. There were a few things I might never have thought of growing and some I have tried in the past and failed to germinate.  I sowed the lot and had some interesting results. ‘Datura’ was the poisonous Thorn-apple, which I scrapped lest it escape into our surrounding fields. The ‘Deptford Pink’ is a pretty, rare British native and it is now growing in our garden (Dianthus armeria)

Call me a snob, but I had a longstanding prejudice against Ageratum – I…

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January 15, 2015

Gardening is Good for You

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Gardening is Good for You.

Penny, my wife, is subject to bouts of depression.  This article discusses how she has found gardening thereapeutic and how it can help others.

January 5, 2015

A Year in the Garden

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A Year in the Garden.