December 28, 2014

Election 2015 UK – Heplful and unhelpful beliefs about Voting

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:43 am by Aleksan

2015 is going to be an Election year in the UK. Already I am getting idealist and biased propaganda in my social media sites dressed up as “open minded and unbiased” opinion – from left and right as well as crazy. There is no such thing! We are all driven by conscious and unconscious needs, desires, beliefs and prejudices. I learnt long ago that people believe what they want to believe, not what is evidence based. It is not going to be easy sifting the claims of competing political parties and it will not be easy to remain unbiased or not be pulled by that dodgy concept – loyalty. I am also sadly aware that my vote has never yet influenced the outcome of any election. What shall I do? Be aware so far as I can of my own fears, bias and prejudice, and sift the evidence. My vote will be made not for reasons of tradition, loyalty or ideology but for pragmatic evidence reasons – I hope…