November 23, 2014

Seventy – Answering the question of Life?

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:52 am by Aleksan

Seventy. I will soon reach this age – three score years and ten – the biblical life span of Man. It is a bit of a surprise really, I never expected it, with medical notes as thick as a brick. Science however seems to demonstrate that space-time is an illusion. There is no time without space and no space without time. If anything really exists it is the fleeting moment of Now. What is past is no longer and what is to come has not come into being.

This is all true but what about outside space-time? I wonder if there is more to things than just this strange existence where once you have done your time and hopefully matured a bit you die, plucked like a ripe or half ripened plum from the tree. Does this fruit bear seeds outside space-time? Is life an education to be further developed?

My experience and reading have given me a few sign posts. Is there a meaning in existence? No, existence is random and meaningless at the natural level. It is no good asking Why me? Why that ? Why them? Because if there is an answer to that it seems to be: Why not me, that or them. The Greeks concluded “The Cosmos does not make mistakes”

But there a meaning we give to life and experience. How we live our lives and how we respond to other people and events. Our questions may be unanswerable but I believe we are being asked questions by our existence. We are in this life as co-creationists and it is up to us, I think, to answer these questions if we are to give our journey meaning – we have to answer the questions given to us personally. And we won’t always get them right at first because we have to experience loss, hurt and pain and find out how, through love and kindness, to lessen the loss, hurt and pain of those others we meet from time to time on our journey. Let us walk on and love now…now is the time and here is the place!

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