November 5, 2014

Alexander John Burnfield – Updated Biography

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Alexander John Burnfield MBBS DPM FRCPsych

Dr “Sandy” Burnfield was born at Winchester UK in 1944 and educated at Marsh Court School, Hampshire and then King’s College, Taunton in Somerset. He lives with his Artist wife Penny in Longstock, Hampshire, where he rides and Shows Paso Fino horses. He is a Director of A. Burnfield and Sons Ltd (Farmers) and has retired from a career in Child Psychiatry

He qualified in Medicine at the London Hospital Medical College (University of London) subsequently working at the Royal London Hospital. He then trained in Psychiatry working at Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and Andover. He was appointed as a Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the Wessex Region UK and was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1972.

An active member of the UK Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, and having had a form of the disease himself for many years, he is President of the Andover and the Winchester Branches.  He was the Second Jack Pritchard Memorial Lecturer and Gold Medallist at the Queen’s University, Belfast on the subject of Doctors and MS Patients: Improving Communication.    He helped to found “Persons with MS International” and establish it as a central part of the MS International Federation (MSIF.) He served for several years as a Trustee of The MS Trust.

He is author of Multiple Sclerosis: A Personal Exploration (Souvenir Press, London) and of other publications and translations on the emotional and relationship aspects of MS and disability.  His book for young people, Multiple Sclerosis (Need to Know) is published by Heinemann Library. He has a chapter in the forthcoming book MS – The Invisible Impacts (Springer 2015) dealing with the psychological impact on children when a parent has MS. He is a Trustee of the Fair Ways Foundation (Child Care Services)

November 2nd 2014


  1. Hi Sandy,
    Gerald Bradley was at school with me; I / we would meet him in London over the years. Seems his real estate broke him ( ?& his marriage to Hilary) he cut contact 2 years ago. I wrote to him saying he was to contact me before topping himself. He has not contacted me since. He was a social worker / psychologist. Any contact your end?

  2. aleksan said,

    Hi Stephen, sorry to hear that. I used to work with Gerry for a short while in Andover – about 1978 – 80 I guess. We were not friends outside of work. I have not heard or seen anything of him since those days. S

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