October 24, 2014

European Union – should Britain pay £1.7Billion to prop up a failing institution…..

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:30 am by Aleksan

The EU has just shot itself in the head! With all its faults – bureaucracy and incompetence in particular, on balance being in the EU has so far made sense. But demanding £1.7 Billion from the UK because we are growing our economy and giving it to the “Economic Basket Case” which is France takes the biscuit. It might be legal, but it probably means UKIP will be massively more popular in the UK and we will sooner rather than later leave that failing institution, the European Union. This may not be logical but emotions are running high. I am not optimistic that a rational view is really possible, in England particularly, at this time. I look forward to a reasoned debate but it could well be too late….

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