May 23, 2013

The Woolwich Murder: Are Muslim communities really addressing the underlying issues?

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I have family and friends, young people, serving in the Army and they are honest caring hard working people doing ther best for all of us in the UK for little money. I am asking all communities, religious or whatever, to take responsibility and face up to what is happening to their young people. There have been spokespeople from the Muslim communities that agree that they have not done enough to encourage their own to act through legitimate and democratic channels rather than take the Law into their own hands. ¬†Right wing ¬†“Little Englander” responses should at the same time be moderated and become less vindictive and simplistic, blaming Muslims for all ills.

Many Muslims have real and well based concerns about the British Government’s political stance, and in particular the fate and injustice often experienced by their brothers and sisters in overseas war zones. However I do not believe that the Muslim community has done enough to prevent “radicalisation” as it is euphemistically called. For too long there has been an ostrich like approach to what has been happening, sometimes denial and sometimes even an implicit collusion. These attitudes lead to distrust of Muslims, fear of what they might turn to and a polarisation of communities.

The same thing used to be the case in Irish Catholic and Protestant communities a few years ago, but after a long time and a lot of community work on both sides, this is now changing. I don’t believe that religion is the main problem – it is poor education, lack of jobs, economic downturn and raw tribal self preservation and prejudice. As a liberal I consider it important to be open and honest about these issues, not pussy foot around them, and to improve the level of education in all communities in our glorious multi-culturally rich society.

On a positive note it has been good to see so many young people getting “Help for Heroes ” T shirts. This is a great non violent protest and shows loyalty to and appreciation of our Armed Forces in these uncertain times.

May 22, 2013

Why do Muslims remain silent? Are they scared of the fanatics? Or What

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Outraged by the terrorist attack on a soldier outside the Woolwich Barracks. He was a young guy wearing a Help for Heroes T shirt, hacked to death by two “Allah Akbar” shouting fanatics. The attackers have been shot and are in Hospital. This could cause a massive and understandable backlash in this country. Many innocent Muslims will suffer, but why does the Muslim Community refuse to speak out aganst these attacks? Are they scared, in denial or just brainwashed?