April 24, 2013

Why did European DNA suddenly change 4,000 years ago? Experts reveal evolutionary mystery – and say the makers of Stonehenge may hold the key

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This latest research shows that Mito DNA Haplogroup H became predominant in Western Europe quite suddenly, taking over from previous hunter gatherer predominance. Most woman in Britain and Europe today are of this type H and it seems they came from the middle East via Iberia to Britain and Ireland and Western Europe with new agricultural skills and “celtic” languages. What the article does not say is that before 4000 years ago hunter gather haplogroups like U predominated. My own U4b1b1 is such. My maternal ancestors were replaced in the West but remain in Siberia and Eastern Europe; their languages were Finno-Ugric similar to Turkish, Hungarian and Finnish . Penny is H3 – she is a gardener who likes it warm – My U4 is perhaps why I like cooler weather and horse riding, and why my family herd cattle. But my paternal Haplogroup could be significant also, R1a1a1h – Scottish Scandinavian, pre Viking – originally from the Scotici Tribe from the Russian plains who came to Scotland via Norway/Sweden about 500 AD and were progenitors the Chieftains of the major Highland Clans such as McDonalds, McAllisters and Douglas. We have a central European origin and our ancestral brothers swept north to Northern and Eastern Europe but mostly as “Aryans” to Northern India, Pakistan and Afghanistan on the horses they were the first people to domesticate – so I actually share my Y DNA Haplogroup – R1a – with 1 in 3 men in Pakistan and 1 in 4 in India! So get your DNA tested if you have not done so already – can be most revealing…


  1. Rob Burnfield said,

    I like it warm!!!

    • aleksan said,

      Well yep – I don’t like it too cold now I am older but prefer it to be no more than 25″ C or i am too hot,

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