February 20, 2013

Two poems received from that tormented soul, Jeff Walker

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The world is made from
chocolate, cheese and chalk
i draw its edges, fill in the shapes
eat my epicurean repast
and finally open my eyes
no beliefs, not even believing in not
for I am not really here
for those who see me, I apologise infinitely
stillness, denying my denial of imagined self
the fossil remains, archaean remnant
generationally, gravitationally challenged
I am its centre, immovable, conceit
no longer attached, lines whirl, dizzy
a doorway of sudden awareness, flickers
oh labyrinthine mind and body
its time to eat chocolate

keep well -bone collector.
20 February 2013

I cast my head in bronze
it became heavy
cumbersome and unruly
not able to listen see and feel
though admired it felt alone
uniqueness’s strangle hold
cold atmospherically responsive
intellectually bound to outlast
a scrap yards dream
never shall I request such grandiosity
my career path reduced
austere surface decoration embellishes
parts shine to the touch
worn in so many ways, no reflection
set in blue sky thinking
synchronicity, wishful, blind
my opposite has re-invented me
my weapon, the metal head
like a psychotic campanologist
I beat my way through the crowds
head held high

merry xmas
23 December 2012

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