February 20, 2013

Jeff Walker – spinning out! Just received this desperate attempt…

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:48 pm by Aleksan


I keep searching, perching, preaching
freedom, reverberates transient
nihilistic fatal form for the ignorant
choice, the eternal recurrence
decisions, pavements leading nowhere
manmade structures constructions
twisted shards, intertwined coils, mole hills
made for meaning, meaningless, ephemeral
the will, power, destruction
a desert mirage for the optimistic
cream, in the fridge, sandwiched in sponge
kettle boiling, unconsciously I know
dogmatic afternoon abandonment
what crisis is this.
dethronement, weak, timid, hocus pocus.
extermination of false gods, plutocrats
tea time,
20 Feb 2013

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