January 6, 2013

Trying to understand apparent “psychic” experiences in my life

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Trying to understand apparent “psychic” experiences in my life

I have always been aware of another dimension to life. As a child I organised telepathy experiments at junior school. I had “memories” of crashing a plane, walking with my co-pilot to a cottage and asking for cigarettes – the woman’s response was “You have just crashed and the first thing you do is ask for a fag!” I also knew that near our farm over the trees was an airfield, and I had often taken off over the trees. When I got older there was no airfield there and I could not understand where it had gone….
As a very young child I retained clear memories. I remember sitting on my dad’s shoulders while he walked through a field of ripe corn and he told me I had a baby brother. A very clear memory I have had all my life, and I know exactly where we were. My brother Rob was born in August so I would have been I year and 8 months old. But that was not my first clear memory. When I was less than a year old I was apparently difficult to get to sleep, and remember sitting with my legs round my father’s neck and stretching my hands out to touch the upstairs floor as he held on to me and he walked down the stairs – this was good fun, and it happened a lot.
When I was a toddler I remember being taken to the River Anton in our little black car, parking by the riverside. There was a baby on the back seat in a cradle – Rob. Dad took me to paddle in the shallow but fast flowing stream. I knocked his flat cap off and was delighted, laughing a lot, as I watched him chase it about 20 yards down the river and eventually catch it.
A little later when I was 3 and a half my mother took me to watch the Olympic Torch runner come into Andover – we waited by Little Ann Bridge, and after all the hype I was disappointed to see a motorbike come along followed by the man with the torch wearing a white top and white shorts. After he plodded by there was one car, a few stragglers, and it was all over!
I was about 9 years old when I had what I later realised was a classic “out of body” experience. I had become very sick after a meal at home. The next day I could not go to see a Pantomime with the others because I was still ill and in bed. My Auntie Dorothy came to look after me for the day. I have a clear unemotional memory (not dream-like) of looking down on a bed from about 20 feet up. I gazed with interest at a small person lying in the bed with brown hair sticking out above the blanket. After a while it came to me that I was looking at myself! I was at a position above the bed at about twice ceiling level, but my vision was very clear. After a while I observed from above the bedroom door opening and I looked down on my Aunt come in, walk to me in bed, check I was OK and walk out again. I watched her from above with interest but no feelings. I don’t remember when the experience ended, but I have always had a clear memory of it, but never thought it unusual or worth talking about until I read about “out of body” experiences as a young adult. Then I realised that I had had one, and began to become more aware and keen to understand its significance.
I have often since freely experienced what I understand to be telepathic and clairvoyant experiences. They have mostly been trivial and out of the blue, but a few have been totally convincing and evidence based. I have also had vivid dreams and a few have in retrospect been anticipatory of events in the news a couple of days later. In most of my dreams I am “me” but not me as I am in life. I am usually someone else, younger or older, male or female – looking very different but still somehow myself. I have also met familiar people in realistic dreams, again of all types, and had interesting conversations – these dreams seem to last a long time. In my waking periods I day dream a great deal and often have clear pictures of faces – in detail, and not usually looking at me. I follow these distinct individual faces, which are about 2 feet in front of me for several seconds before they fade, and think carefully and with interest about the experience at the time and afterwards. I have never met any of them in life, and they can be of any age, male or female. But occasionally I have seen them again in the media. The last time was a few days ago, when having seen a face clearly for quite a while in a “vision” I saw him again on TV – he was the man murdered in Thailand at the New Year
Sometimes the faces look at me directly with an intense curiosity…I enjoy seeing these faces, who are often somehow familiar, like the people I meet in my dreams. More recently these “psychic” experiences have increased. I now can sometimes see Auras around people and animals – I look up the significance of the colours later and so far they have fitted the personalities concerned very accurately. In a recent dream I was made aware of a Spirit Guide called Abu Ibn Sa’id – I call him just Abu. He has helped me to open up to what come across as people who have died – mostly close family and friends – I have found this natural, interesting and fun! In past years I learned and used hypnosis skills.
I have used these myself and clearly remember four very different “past lives” They range from one in which I died at 14 in childbirth to another when I lived to an old age in a stone house by a dock, alienated women, took to drink and had a number of dogs, eventually succumbing to depression and dying alone. In another I was a young man in a nomad family including big beasts, living in skin tents, but never seeing anyone but our own small group. In one of these lives I lived by a fishing village in what seemed like India where as an older widow I looked after the finances and organisation with a group of older women – many of our young men had drowned. I was interested to see this place on TV, the Coramandel Coast of South East India, where the woman still run the fishing and the very old Hindu community – in that life I told myself that I would never die, and when I saw the programme and realised that I had been a believer In re-incarnation that now makes sense!
I am an evidence based doctor, and what interests me about all this is where are these experiences coming from? Is it my unconscious, the Sprit world or just too much imagination? When I was a young man I had a Jungian Analysis which helped me a lot with my dream life and an understanding myself and my Psychiatric patients. Carl Jung was a great Psychiatrist and a major influence on how we are – Extroversion, Introversion, Personality, Dreams and Psychosis. He suggested that as well a personal unconscious there is an underlying collective unconscious in a dimension beyond Space and Time – I think that my own experiences make sense in those terms, but I am interested in understanding this better.

Alexander J Burnfield
January 8th 2013