October 13, 2012

Abuse by BBC Institutions, Police, Teachers, Churchmen and “authority” – Cultivate disrespect…

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:55 pm by Aleksan

Yes, there is a culture of abuse running through our Society. Children and the vulnerable are often not believed, or told to shut up and forget it. Those in power somtimes behave as though they are above the Law. When I was a child School Masters tried to teach me respect for authority, especially theirs. They failed me abysmally. But my Dad taught me a healthy disrespect for authority in all its manifestations and I think this came from his Scott’s Presbyterian cultural background and family values.

When I was scared of the School Masters he would tell me that they were just “hired Flunkies” I always remember that. The important lesson I learnt was to always maintain a healthy DISRESPECT for authority in ALL its forms. I still have that – in particular for Politicians, Police, Teachers and all types of Churchmen. I commend this approach – be your OWN authority. Equally importantly RESPECT the vulnerable – the young, the weak, the ill, those in trouble and the elderly. But not Authority.

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