September 22, 2012

Chief Whip lets the cat out of the bag!

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:28 am by Aleksan

The Police are adamant that Andrew Mitchell called a Policewoman a “Pleb” when she stopped him riding his bike out of the Downing Street main gate. He still denies it, but the evidence is there in Police Notebooks. This is a loaded word meaning “the inferior lower orders” from the Roman underclass – Plebians. This may well represent an underlying belief that he is from a superior uberclass – like the Roman Aristocrats – the Patricians. If so, is this belief also secretly held by other members of the top Tories? Are they out of touch? Are they the Rulers and the rest of us Plebs? If it does prove true that he used this word -Pleb, he will no longer command public confidence, and he should go. But will his Patrician cronies be able to let him go?

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