July 27, 2012

I am a very lucky man!

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Just had a great ride on Sonadora! Working together as one, 90% gaiting. A lady sez to me “Is that your own horse?” I sez “Yep, sure is” Lady sez “You are a very lucky man” I sez “Thank you mam” and whizzes off into the distance. I am a very lucky man to own such a lovely horse and to have such good friends around me so I can ride, ride, ride!

July 10, 2012

Hermetic language – a poem for our time by Jeff Walker, Life Surfer

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Hermetic language

The mirror swallows your words
It’s reflection an ephemeral form
A semantic relationship
Written in water
Between nothing and nothing
The inner monologue
Of endless transitions
Asserting in the desire to forget
It’s possessiveness
The gradual acquisition
Of impatient and invisible fury
Breaks but still remains
The immanence of all things
Defends itself
The consistency of treacle
Trickles infinite interruptions
Until bored I move on
Until I return
To play

July 9, 2012

Olympic Torch coming our way…not again!

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There is a lot a hype about the Olympic Torch and Hoo Ha coming our way soon… I saw the last one in 1948 aged 3 and a half, with my mum and Uncle Bob and Auntie Rosemary. Not sure if Rob aged nearly two was there, or Dad We waited at what I now know was Little Ann Bridge – just about 5 people on the Salisbury Road into Andover. After a long time a motor bike came along. About 3 minutes later a single chap in white baggy shorts holding the torch came by. About 2 minutes later a following car went past. I remember thinking it was a bit disapointing then, but at least he was headed from the West to London unlike the strange zig-zagging all over Britain we are having this time….It will rain but have fun everyone…I will not be attending this time…