June 4, 2012

A Jubilee Ride on my magic grey mare, Sonadora de Estaban

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:15 pm by Aleksan

Me and my speedy magic grey mare have just been out for fierce exercise – my lovely friend and trainer, Sarah Johns says to me “Sonadora needs hard exercise, she is losing her tone – don’t come back till you have got her sweating”
So off we go – Sonadora aged 18, and me a crippled old man of nearly 68 – gaiting all the way through Longstock, past the pub, over the Bunny Bridges, nearly a mile along the Test Way, through two roundabouts on the A30 and down Stockbridge High Street – to the delight of tourists and locals alike.
I was pleased to hear “Doesn’t she go well” as we raced by at a good pace, dodging cars, motorbikes, pedestrians and tankers – soon we were on our way back on a country lane to Longstock and home. About 4 miles in – wait for it …….20 minutes. But when I got back Sarah said “Twenty minutes! I didn’t mean go fast just work her in the Corto!”
You can’t win with women, but one old gal and one old man had loads of fun…


  1. Naiomi said,

    It’s naomi, Sarah’s sister I don’t know how to contact her but pls forward my number it’s urgent 07399797053, x

    • Naiomi said,

      07399797053 tel sarah it’s n.. Pls call asap

      • Naiomi said,

        Call n

  2. N said,

    It’s naiomi, Sarahs sister pls if u tell her call me urgently 07399797053

  3. Naiomi said,

    It’s urgent 07399797053 naiomi

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