June 11, 2012

The Cheek of It

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The Cheek of It.

June 10, 2012

Preparations in the garden and on horseback

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Sad to have had to cancel the MSS Garden Party today but the forecast was right and it is a wet and chilly day for June. We have re-arranged it for September 16th which WILL be a glorious late summers day! Meanwhile Penny is working hard in the Garden for several NGS Open visits coming up, and I am learning my Dressage moves for a forthcoming visit to Germany – Paso Fino Fiesta. Sarah is taking our Luna, Hannah’s Athenia and Julia’s Oriente in the Lorry. Sarah and Hannah travel with the horses and Gill, Julia and I are flying. It should be fun, and Julia is kindly letting me ride her lovely Oriente at the Show as Sarah is riding Luna who is a biy to spirited for me. I am pleased because I like riding him and we got First Place in Amateur Performance in the recent Saddlered Show.

June 4, 2012

A Jubilee Ride on my magic grey mare, Sonadora de Estaban

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Me and my speedy magic grey mare have just been out for fierce exercise – my lovely friend and trainer, Sarah Johns says to me “Sonadora needs hard exercise, she is losing her tone – don’t come back till you have got her sweating”
So off we go – Sonadora aged 18, and me a crippled old man of nearly 68 – gaiting all the way through Longstock, past the pub, over the Bunny Bridges, nearly a mile along the Test Way, through two roundabouts on the A30 and down Stockbridge High Street – to the delight of tourists and locals alike.
I was pleased to hear “Doesn’t she go well” as we raced by at a good pace, dodging cars, motorbikes, pedestrians and tankers – soon we were on our way back on a country lane to Longstock and home. About 4 miles in – wait for it …….20 minutes. But when I got back Sarah said “Twenty minutes! I didn’t mean go fast just work her in the Corto!”
You can’t win with women, but one old gal and one old man had loads of fun…