May 30, 2012

An Arachnid comes along…

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I sat outside in my shorts to drink a cup of coffee and a little spider landed on my leg – he was a money spider so I let him stay. Then he abseilled back and forth between my knees to make a little web. I put him on my arm, and the last I saw of my wee friend was on my chest when I gently shook him off, having enjoyed his company long enough, and not wanting him and his pals to take up long term residence!

May 26, 2012

Position on GM research Rothamsted – Jenny Jones and Rothamsted research protest

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To the Green Party
Such a pity Jenny Jones does not support unbiased scientific research
into GM foods. I was wondering whether to support and vote for the
Green Party in the next election, but this means I will not now being
doing that. I am unable to vote for any Party in fact. Politicians
should support free independent and unbiased research not pander to a
scientifically illiterate and emotionally charged group of anti-GM
protesters. Is Jenny hunting with the hounds and running with the
hares? Please re-consider on this one.

Sandy Burnfield

Dr Alexander Burnfield FRCPsych

“It is regrettable that the Green Party’s Jenny Jones has confirmed that she will be there to support direct action against publicly-funded research, particularly given that the wheat trial is expressly aimed at reducing the use of broad-spectrum insecticides which can damage farmland biodiversity.” Sense About Science

May 15, 2012

You are my Guru!

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Everyone you meet is a Guru. You can learn from each person or animal. I have learnt most from those who challenge me, or see things differently. Much from dog or horse Gurus, much from the young, much from the sick and old. Respect to the person you meet, and to all Gurus>Old Lady Guru and other stories

“Nullius in verba”

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“Nullius in verba” (Take nobody’s word for it) This is the motto of The Royal Society, the UK’s top Scientists. In these day of mass information noise coming from the web and media we would all do well to keep a scientific evidence-based mind and hearken to those three wise words.

May 13, 2012

practical householder – another poem of our times by Jeff Walker

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practical householder

i began looking for myself in all the wrong places
i was neither here nor there
Concluding I suppose through logic
I would appear at certain times too myself
lucid alert and relaxed
thoughts are small electrical impulses
As are movements, ideas, stories
like wondering, wandering
I have been told by others
that the truth will unfold its majestic eye
however I hold no beliefs and value little
no freedom or dignity in the world
just fear unsettled ignorance and supermarkets
presently I have arrived at an answer
occupy yourself
do something with the time left
anything will do
there are no answers
nothing matters
except weight loss and
extinction theories.

May 9, 2012

Asian men abuse vulnerable white children – of course it is a racial issue!!!

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I am a retired Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry who has worked with the victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse over many years. Nine Asian men have been sexually and physically abusing vulnerable under 16 year old white girls for a number of years. Yes, this is a racial issue! if it were the other way round imagine the outcry…Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Politicians who suggest otherwise will not and should not be trusted. Let us all get real and get those Ostrich heads out of the sand, whatever their position and vested interests…

May 2, 2012

A poem from a bored Jeff Walker

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an apparent enabler
always the last to know
a critic who ponders
paranoid with the ill fated talent for insight
a must to survive the trials
combating confrontational conflicts
as i wake
clean my teeth, brush malevolent hair flat
I see an older man
seeking birthday treats
whose thoughts wanders
breathing slowly, stopping time
I hold my breath
red faced
I head for the door
with images of biscuits
and silence
If i were a better person
I would have stayed in bed