April 18, 2012

Three recent poems by maestro – Jeff Walker

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male bonding at supper time

In clear daylight
a duplicitious black rhino
dressed as a shaolin monk
lumbers through
the trophy room
looking for its head
intuitively understanding
its own impossible task
searching for restfulness
dusty rooms dry graveyards
overlooked unpalatable tasteless unforgiving
delusional wisdom
sometimes the mind doesnt register what the eye see’s
Eating hot baked potatoes dripping with butter
fond memories of what once was.

Gerthadt Richter

A long time ago
gerthardt told my father
never to tell
How the past eroded truth
We invented a new story
one we could smile at
convince others
we had history
we told it many times
even I believed it
repeating endlessly
until it became the truth
It was a shock to find gerthardt
was related – somehow I knew
I was a liar
I exaggerated
my life is empty otherwise
the friends I have
I built on fiction
my name is gerthardt richter

invert to drink
my voice is like a cuckoo clock
every time
falling from my mind
it resonates reverberates renounces
autumnal floating windswept words
its despicable nature
I apologise although
it really not me
my genes, my past, my neurological circuitry
my thoughtlessness ignorance and lack of interest
why bother
stopping the human precipice race
circular cyclical existence
it’s not my job
sombre seriousness recognise
masks the glib irrevocable demise
of that particular animal
by writing gibberish
to occupy

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