April 5, 2012

Horse Riding better than Physio for MS – YES!

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Riding Sonadora in the sea

Riding Sonadora on Hayling Island Beach

Therapeutic horse riding, which was the focus of this study, involves the participant actively riding the horse. 27 people with MS were divided into two groups; one group undertook therapeutic horse riding while the other group did traditional physiotherapy. Both groups did two series of 10 weekly sessions. Their ability to balance and various aspects of walking were measured before and after the study.

The researchers found that the group who undertook therapeutic horse riding improved both their balance and some measures of walking. The same improvements were not seen in those who did the physiotherapy programme. They concluded that this form of exercise is good for people with MS.

Muñoz-Lasa S, Ferriero G, Valero R, et al.
Effect of therapeutic horseback riding on balance and gait of people with multiple sclerosis.
G Ital Med Lav Ergon. 2011 Oct-Dec;33(4):462-7.

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