January 5, 2012

My many dream faces

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:50 am by Aleksan

I just woke from a dream – I was looking at my young female face and hair in a mirror or glass – my dark red curly hair was untidy and I thought I must brush it before seeing anyone – I made some faces at myself and laughed. I woke – I am a man of 67 with a little grey hair…I have had many dreams like that when I am me, but someone of either sex of any age. Even when I am just day dreaming faces regard me at close quarters head on – they often look curious or a little surprised but some times they too look like they are day dreaming and are staring away from me. They always feel very familiar, but when I come out of my daydream I dont know who they were. It is as though I have many faces and lives – maybe they were once me, or will be me, maybe they are others I am closely linked with. Or maybe they are just a disturbance in my brain! Has anyone else had these sort of dreams or daydreams?

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