April 29, 2011

Shakespeare eat your heart out…

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A little bit of cheese and an ancient banana
A cup of cold milk with a splash of Madeira
Nothing quite like it, my dear Penny-Anna
Now eat it all up – for that nice Auntie Sarah
AJB April 28 2011

April 8, 2011

A text message from ….Jeff….

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Shallow knee
Caught talking
Mind wanders empty space psychic caress
I need nothing
Think nothing
Have everything
Repeat mantra
As it’s untrue
Look furiously flicking
Biscuit crumbs

no dunking

Karma karma

April 1, 2011

Yesterday’s ride on my magic mare!

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Back from a fast ride over the Downs past Shepherds Bush and Spitfire Wood on Windover Farm – part of the old Danebury Race Course of Edwardian times. SJ on Choc with her dog Daisy, and me on my faithful mare, Sonadora. We were buzzed by a Red Kite for a while, with lovely forked tail and gliding flight. Now for a Campari with soda and orange juice!