December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

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Got burgled. They stole my oil
Just built big fence and installing more security lights
Have a measured soulful time
Get drunk JEFF

The Bastards, stealing your oil! Hope you got some more cos it gets cold again soon. Set a booby trap or man-trap for em. Did they come at night!
No I will not get drunk – but will as usual have a dram or two – it gives me surrogate exercise, surrogate meditation and clears my mind. If I don’t have a dram I get a hangover next morning – maybe I am now an alcoholic – hurrah! – normality at last…GGP

December 8, 2010

OK barking geese – my response to JW

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Barking geese fly high
Golden whisky paints the sky
Centre of the Universe is here
And now in my
Cerebral Sphere
Singular gamma burst
means OK


Jeff eats his random and meaningless tubers…

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Nowt stops the flow
Like the oxen and the plow
Mesmerised no clock stops ticking
Picking licking non stop whispering
Can you hear them I can’t
The constant Tinitus interferes
My puny existence substanceless
Has meaning
The cork pops
I eat my tubers