October 20, 2010

Introspective poem from Jeff – aware of his ageing process?

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bing bang ping
crisp leaves shudder perpendicular to the kerb
the river continues to flow
my breathing diminishes with age in preparation
silly rituals like sheep flocking
fucking and cooking, breeding, using, bleeding
all the same
a kaleidoscope, just a reflected pattern
all smoke and mirrors, we are amused
boring tedious plebs
oy wakey wakey

an empty vessel makes noise


October 18, 2010

Crock Sandy

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Signature breakfast dish at Cafe Sandy – Poach 2 eggs. Toast a half Begel. Add 3 slices Chorizo sausage. Warm Begel with Chorizo for 20 seconds in microwave. Add eggs. Salt and Pepper. (save a bit of Chorizo and egg yolk for the dog) – yummy!

October 14, 2010


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Omnia autem quae secundum naturam fiunt sunt habenda in bonis CICERO
(The works of Nature must all be accounted as good)
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Jenny Reynell: yes, diseases and deadly bacteria are brilliant (y) “she paints a pretty picture, but behind it all nature is a right bitch”
AB: Well “The Cosmos does not make mistakes” does it? Can it? ” Life is short and so perfect” – these last words I quote from Sebastian Faulk’s recent book “A Week in December” An atheist Iranian girl says it to a “failed” British Pakistani suicide bomber…Life will always be a cruel but wonderful mystery…