July 10, 2010

Another poem by my lovely and talented friend, Della

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Who’s Fault?
It’s my entire fault! It always is, come sunshine or come rain…
Makes no difference, nothing changes, it all remains the same…..
My fault! My fault!
Can’t do a dam thing right… Not for her, nor me, nor bloody him!
I try each time to do much better, but each time it’s a sin
And my fault! yes ….my fault!

He said it’s you! She said it’s you! I said tis me… (Again!) Just me!
I wonder is it always my fault? There must be things I just can’t see…..
For it to be my fault! My fault!
I am no teenager, I am not young…I am quite old though….. I wonder….
Is that the reason it’s all my fault?
Life’s simply no more funder…..

Oh dear, it is my fault, I do remember and don’t have to be told….
I forgot to remember before, so see? I am very old!
It was my fault, it is my fault,
I am the mum so course it is! (And the gran….)
Always my fault! … Just my fault!
That is of course their plan…..!!!!!

Della Louise Mills Leslie
June 2010

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