July 25, 2010

Clever or Wise?

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You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions MAGUIB MAHFOUZ

July 10, 2010

Another poem by my lovely and talented friend, Della

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Who’s Fault?
It’s my entire fault! It always is, come sunshine or come rain…
Makes no difference, nothing changes, it all remains the same…..
My fault! My fault!
Can’t do a dam thing right… Not for her, nor me, nor bloody him!
I try each time to do much better, but each time it’s a sin
And my fault! yes ….my fault!

He said it’s you! She said it’s you! I said tis me… (Again!) Just me!
I wonder is it always my fault? There must be things I just can’t see…..
For it to be my fault! My fault!
I am no teenager, I am not young…I am quite old though….. I wonder….
Is that the reason it’s all my fault?
Life’s simply no more funder…..

Oh dear, it is my fault, I do remember and don’t have to be told….
I forgot to remember before, so see? I am very old!
It was my fault, it is my fault,
I am the mum so course it is! (And the gran….)
Always my fault! … Just my fault!
That is of course their plan…..!!!!!

Della Louise Mills Leslie
June 2010

A poem by Della Leslie – about Lyme Regis

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Out of meter…but not out of fashion….!

There is a town by the sea, and its name was Lyme
Which dear Prinny Prince did favour in his prime,
So Lyme Regis it became
And, was never quite the same……. … !

From humble fishing village stance,
Quite lovely at a glance,
Fashionable people did follow the king
To supper, to dance and to sing…..

Each evening the Assembly rooms would fill,
With hopeful ladies in all their frills.
Looking for husbands, with lots of dosh please!
All others may cause nought but a sneeze….

And so, thanks to the king Lyme Regis became
A hot spot for finding rich husbands, quite tame….
But despite all the dancing and singing and hossle
All that was found was a lot of old fossils…..
Della xxx March 2010