March 19, 2010

Jeff the thinking Artist challenges meaning in these two new poems from this emerging genius – contemplate….

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:47 am by Aleksan

Sometime friend

Pungent smells, tardy room
The fixer,
Bringing boxes of all sizes
Creating harmony through disorder
chaos through truth
One big lick sir
One big trick sir, one big stick stir
The mixer
Whirling eddies, florid clouds
The flower falls breaking an apple tree
Fruitless, tireless effort, meaningless contradictions
Your a jinx
Feel no pain,
We need lids
An elixir

Hard water.

My escape is made, it surrounds you
I am an artist, my work is complex
My brushes are people, my canvas , the street
The colour’s are symptoms
Media combined, a world image
Hidden from view, from you.
No one can see through tubular eyes
Mouths that are slanty, sloped words fall
The edifice, the mind, sculpted, furrowed brow
Leaden ears
Do you want this gift, its free
Smiling, holding, waiting hesitation
I can smell the fear, the excitement
Something for nothing
Nothing for something
A long time passes
Yes, I know
You took the gift, now learn to live in it.

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