March 17, 2010

Jeff’s poem – Hi Ho Silver Whining – reflects his own doomed attempt to grapple with life…

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:19 am by Aleksan

Hi Ho Silver Whining

The wise man sat impermeable on the block of ice
His pale body exacted the cold windswept alcove
Thinking intemperate things, chanting gloop
His name was shiatzoo swamy, he had many orbs
Years passed in trance, blood pressure lowered heart beat faint
Alone, elemental, No-one visited him
No-one knew he was there
Shiatzoo realising his error
Walked down to explain his views.
Now owning a powerful advertising and media business
Shiatzoo drove past in his limousine
He didn’t notice me or feel my presence.
One day father, I will wreak my vengeance.
His ice cream melting, dribbled down his hand, licking
Limbless, the sugary sweetness engulfed his diabetic metabolism.
Instances of joy and the first global televised program.

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