March 9, 2010

Two poems Jeff has written…inpsired by …me!

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:13 pm by Aleksan

Our man in Stockbridge, Sandy
Is our local Asperger’s representative
Facts are like concrete trees
Flexible, undisputable
Historically old and wise
Yes he was there
Many lives he has lived,
I know, I’ve met him before
His face filled with hatred
Grimacing in agony as I impaled him on my lance
Its a shame we never spoke then
But that was another time, another place
I’m sure we could have been friends
I also have a recognition of sipping tea in the garden
With my grandfather, he had changed his surname, an Ashkenazi Jew
With Nordic Viking influences and Mongolian looks -his death was expected
Rare and unusual, the kind you felt flattered having after diagnoses
Even though incurable
He was a collector.
He left me his watch so I could keep a check on time.

There was a man called Sandy
When he walks his legs are bandy
Dressed up he looked a dandy
All the girls went – WHO
He gave them all some candy
They said your wise like Gandi
Your looks will come in handy
But don’t visit the Zoo
Not a farmer, he owns Landy
Next door neighbour is called Mandy
Likes watching Andy Pandy
Oh what a silly moo
Its true hes sometimes randy
And dresses very trendy
He waves his magic wandy
Oh course
Non of this is true.

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